The Beginning

Caitlin was born at 9:02 AM on 2/09 (February 9th). Lovely symmetry, isn’t it? Just the beginning of many special moments. I had an easy pregnancy, Gained a reasonable amount of weight, healthy, just a bit of ankle swelling toward the end and some bronchitis. Because of the bronchitis, my husband and I missed a number of our child-birthing classes, but we had the excellent book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” One Saturday night when I was 34 weeks pregnant, my husband went to bed early. I was sleeping on a futon in the living room because our water bed (yes, a water bed!) didn’t provide enough support for my back. (Do people still have water beds? Or did they all disappear about the time we started sleeping with our cell phones? Not a good combination!) As I lay there reading, I felt dampness between my legs (no, now that kind of dampness). When you’re pregnant, especially the first time, all kinds of weird things happen that have never happened to you before. I thought, “Oh, no. Did I pee my pants?!” Then my back started hurting. I started getting worried and pulled out the pregnancy book only to learn that it was likely my water had broken, which along with the backache, were symptoms of premature labor. I woke my husband and called the doctor who said “You’re having a baby. Meet me at the hospital.” Having not read enough of the pregnancy book and missed too many child-birthing classes, I thought that it was impossible for me to be having a baby this early. I assumed the doctor would give me that medicine to stop labor and send me back home. Besides, we had one baby outfit. That was it! Nothing else, no bed, diapers, diaper bag, bottles, tiny nail clippers, nothing. I took a shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs, didn’t want the doctor seeing hairy legs when he examined me. Silly me. We finally drove to the hospital, arriving about midnight. It wasn’t until the nurse had  me on a heart monitor and oximeter, and the fetal monitor strapped on my belly, that I realized, “These people think I’m having a baby tonight.”  And it wasn’t long before I found out how important child-birthing classes are… (You’ll find out why in my next post.)


Another winter picture